Sunday, June 3, 2018

papercraft Pokémon Generation I towns

The Pokémon Hoenn Papercraft Project has already released a new papercraft Pokémon town (Mauville City), but isn't the only project making papercraft Pokémon cities! 🏡🏪😃

Whereas the Pokémon Hoenn Papercraft Project is focusing on the Hoenn region as seen in the Generation III, the just as aptly named Pokémon Paper Cities wants to paperfy the Poké towns and cities of the Kanto region in Generation I (although their dream is to do all the regions 😉).

Even though they seem to be late for May 😟 it looks like they plan to release a new paper Poké town regularly, so check back from time to time!

Download + build your own papercraft Pokémon Generation I towns (by Pokémon Paper Cities):

(download instructions: click the Poké town you want to build (only the coloured ones are released yet), then look for the "DOWNLOAD" link near the bottom of the page (just below PokéCities' Facebook Page Plugin) and then on the next page click the green "HERE" link in the text for the free to be taken to the MediaFire download page; use a free tool like 7-Zip to open *.rar files)

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