Monday, January 28, 2019

free papercraft Advance Wars Bases release!

I don't know how many new papercrafts I will be able to make and release this year (last year it was only one; but you can of course find *all* my papercrafts on my main papercraft webpage 😃)

So I decided, after all these years, to finally share the secret to building so many papercraft Advance Wars units so far: they're produced in papercraft Advance Wars bases like these! 🏡

Normally, I only make five versions of a new Advance Wars model: one for Orange Star, one for Blue Moon, one for Green Earth, one for Yellow Comet, and since Dual Strike, one for Black Hole.

But in this case, there's also a Neutral version, waiting to be captured by one of the five armies to produce new units...

I hope you like this release, and hopefully I can make some more and some more complex papercrafts again this year. 😉 Have fun building!

Download + build your own free papercraft Advance Wars Bases (+lots more, by me! 😃):

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