Wednesday, January 16, 2019

free papercraft Drakan Scavenger

This papercraft may be decieving at first; because Scavengers usually attack in groups - and they also come in a variety of sizes...

But since this is a papercraft, both issues are easily remedied actually: you can simply print as many as you like, and because Metalfist chose not to password-protect the *.pdo file, you can use Pepakura Designer to change the scale! 😃

Download + build your own free papercraft "Drakan: Order of the Flame" Scavenger (+lots more, by Metalfist):

(download instructions: click the ">>> Download Drakan_Scavenger_Papercraft here <<<" link in the text just below the pictures on Metalfist's Instructables page; you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer (as mentioned, Pepakura Designer will also work in this case 😉) to open *.pdo files)

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