Friday, June 14, 2019

Ode to Nintendo Papercrafts

I think it was in 2008, when the Nintendo Papercraft website was founded by fans of, well, Nintendo and papercraft. 🎮✀

It quickly became a populair website with lots of Nintendo related papercrafts, but finally after a long time it was not maintained anymore and now the Nintendo Papercraft website is not available anymore... 😞

FinalSmash found it a real shame that Nintendo Papercraft with all its links to really cool papercrafts (some of which even made by Final Smash himself! 😄) and he made a new weblog to share as many Nintendo Papercraft papercrafts as he can again!

In the words of FinalSmash:
I'll be posting all of my designs here as well as collecting all of the Nintendo models I can find. Ideally this becomes the replacement for the now-defunct Nintendo Papercraft! 

Download + build your own free Nintendo Papercrafts (by FinalSmash and others):

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