Sunday, December 1, 2019

First Star Trek V Galileo 5 shuttlecraft test build

The Galileo 5 test build went together pretty well! There are a few places where the parts were pretty tight, but with a bit of extra care they turned out okay. I like how the impulse engines, warp nacelles and overall shape turned out, there's only one problem:

...I somehow managed to print it in the wrong size!

It's not that big a deal really and I decided to build it anyway; if the parts fit at this size, they still fit when I print them at the correct size of course. The only thing is, that I can't really transfer any fixes 1:1 to my hand drawn papercraft parts...

So... I will do another test build with the lessons learned from this one, and this time in the correct size (hopefully 😉).

Stay tuned!

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