Thursday, December 19, 2019

Designing an Angel of Darkness Playstation 2 save icon Lara papercraft vignette stand

Normally I try to recreate a little scene from the game for my papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes, but in the case of The Angel of Darkness' save icon Lara, she doesn't actually appear in-game of course! 😇

So I want to keep the vignette very minimalistic to resemble how Save icon Lara only appears just by herself, and I decided to make the stand as a reference to the PlayStation 2 console.

Obviously, the square box won't be a direct 1:1 recreation with all the little details (although... the "fat" model version of the PlayStation 2 model version I have myself does look pretty squarish! 😋) but I made some very simple allusions to the design that I think strike a nice balance between being very simple and still recognizable, so that it doesn't detract from the actual paper Lara, like the dark color tones with the horizontal lines and of course the blue PS2 logo on top, and I even made a special backside to the stand with ventilation grille to allude to the PlayStation 2 console.

I'm pretty happy with how the design for the stand turned out, so now I'll start working on the actual 3D model of Save icon Lara. Stay tuned!

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