Thursday, September 17, 2009

Finished test build is finished

Here's the other half of the Moomba's test build. ;o)

Of course I finished it at the same scale, so I wouldn't have to do the first part all over again; besides the scale, I will change the way the neck attaches to the body, and some other small things, and then I can re-unfold the (hopefully) final version!

Stay tuned!


  1. When are you going to do link

  2. Lookin' good. What's the general goal for finished size?

  3. The general goal for finished size for my models is "not so small that it's too difficult to build, and not so big that it would look out of place on your desk".

    For the Moomba, I think that will be about 20 cm, 14 cm really felt to small.

    I will start TP hero Link after I finished the Moomba (and had a small break ;o)

    I still have to make some adjustments, unfold it anew, make the templates, make the final build, and make the instructions.

    So still some time. ;o)


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