Sunday, September 27, 2009

It's not a lion!! >:3

If you didn't know about my lame sense of humor yet, you do now. ;o)

But don't let that stop you from downloading and building Lulu's Moomba doll:
Have fun building!


  1. A great model and video! :D

  2. He's so cute. He needs a Laguna to go with him. Too bad there's a not very great working FF8 model extractor out there in internet-land. :P

  3. That's just the music, it would make anything great. ;o)

    I really like the "simple" style of the early 3D Final Fantasies, they're yet another series on my to do-list... ;o)

  4. Are you going to do Link next?

  5. After that, make someone from Metroid. Rundas or dark Samus would be cool. Or make them before Link. I don't really care. (I have every single one of your Links complete)

  6. I'm afraid I won't make them before (this) Link, but I would love to make some Metroid models in the future!


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