Friday, November 5, 2010

The Mario "Jump"

There's only one classic Mario pose of course, jumping in the air with his fist held high!

But for a papercraft model, he can't be floating in air, so I'll make him stand on the tip of his shoe, with his other one in the air (hence the stand; this time I can't cheat a bit like I did with Majora's Mask's Postman ;o)

I often keep playing with the pose until the 3D model is done, though; on the computer, it's easy to adjust the pose, but once it's unfolded, it will take a lot more time to change it... ;o)


  1. his left leg should be bent more and the stand should be a pipe. Will this model be a detailed one like ssbm link? Plz?

  2. Yeah, I'll definately be playing around with his legs a bit until they look right. ;o)

    I was thinking about making a pipe as the stand, but I have some other ideas too, so I'll have to see whether or not which one works best.

    Mario won't be as detailed as SSB:M Link, though...!


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