Saturday, November 20, 2010

Paper(craft) Mario phase 2

Next step: unfolding the 3D model to do a test build!

Stay tuned! ;o)


  1. Thanks, I'm glad you like him so far! I think he's ready for a test build now, although I might still change some parts a bit...

  2. Awsome! But which game is he from?

  3. I think I got the original 3D model from Super Mario Sunshine (it's been a few years, but I think that's the only game where he has half-bare arms ;o)

    I wanted to make him look a bit more classic, though, so I changed his clothes a bit. ;o)

  4. Are you considering a "Fire Mario" alternate coloring?

  5. Not right now, but Mario has had many nice looking "alternative costumes" over the years, so I might make a few of those in the future.

    But when I'll make a new Mario, I'll probably want him to be in a different pose, though, so it won't be a recolour of this one, sorry...

  6. so, basically, you don't really like recolours?

  7. Actually, some of my Advance Wars units are recolours (Stealth Fighters, Neotanks...) because it was just logical to do so of course. ;o)

    And of course I wouldn't mind making Fire Mario just because he is basically just a recoloured version of regular Mario; that's just how he is! ;o)

    But this pose is just one of the countless possibilities of course, and in this case, I don't think I would choose the same one for a different Mario...


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