Thursday, July 12, 2012

papercraft TIE-fighter WIP12

For my hand drawn papercraft models, I always draw out the scatchbuilt parts by pencil, so I can easily erase and fix any mistakes.

But for the final version, I trace the corrected lines with a black pen, so they will be easy to see after I've coloured the templates.

After that, sometimes I simply use felt tip markers to colour my hand drawn templates, but sometimes I also like to use aquarel colours: it creates a nice effect and the colours are softer than with markers.

As you can see, the TIE-fighter will mostly be in various shades of grey; when I finish colouring all the parts, I'll copy+paste all the correct ones onto the final templates in Photoshop, add the part numbers and fix some last issues, and then I'll start building the final version.

Stay tuned!

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