Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Once Upon A Time Regina Mills Evil Queen papercraft toy!

Once Upon A Time, there was a little town called Storybrooke, where all the people were actually Fairy Tale Land characters - only they didn't know it...

Nathana Ribeiro re-coloured Disney's Family papercraft toy of Snow White's Maleficent (link) into a paper toy of the Evil Queen, the true form of Storybrooke's mayor Regina Mills, based on a drawing from iGuhit (link)!

Download + build your own Once Upon A Time Evil Queen papercraft toy (by Nathana Ribeiro):


  1. You could probably use the Lychoris Radiata model and modify the coloring to make the evil queen. Make the face pale white with a tinge of pink. Make the hair pitch black.

    The dress of course would have to be extended and made black in lieu of purple.

    1. Sure, definitely! When re-colouring an existing paper model into a different one, the "trick" is to see which features are characteristic for the new model, and plan which parts of the old model you can use and how to alter them, and which parts you have to create anew, and of course have fun so you don't give up because even re-colouring an existing model can be a lot of work! ;o)


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