Monday, January 14, 2013

Papercraft LEGO Star Wars Luke Skywalker minifig WIP10!

Some time ago I found some silver/mirror metallic cardstock and tested it, and although it was a bit thick, it looked really nice!

And since the original LEGO set 7140 has a "chrome silver" lightsaber hilt, now I can use it to make the papercraft version! ;o)

I'll also make a template for a plain, light grey version like those in other sets too though, so that if you can't find silver/mirror metallic cardstock or if it's too expensive for your taste, you can make a regular version (you can also print the blank version on coloured paper of course! ;o)

And of course, for the trans-cyan lightsaber blade, I used printable transparant sheets (although you can also use a coloured transparancy and trace the part instead, whichever is cheaper ;o)

So now almost all the parts are done, stay tuned for the final build of the rebel pilot helmet!


  1. Really interesting : where can we find the silver/mirror metallic cardstock ?

    1. I actually bought it a long time ago already which must have been from a store where I live although I can't seem to remember which one it was; I think just the arts and crafts department of a department store, they often have all kinds of different types of paper for papercraft and scrapbooking there.

      So that's where I would start looking, and if those don't have it, maybe you can ask around in specialized hobby or crafts stores?

      Of course you can also try looking for online shops, but you have to be sure to get the right one, because of course there are many different kinds of paper: the key words are "silver/mirror", it really is as shiny as a silver mirror! ;o)

      If you can find it at a local store, you can easily see if it's as shiny as it should be of course. The surface is *really* smooth, so you actually have to be careful not to accidentally wipe off the lines after printing (I use an inkjet printer though, so maybe because of the different way a laser printer works it works better?) so it's definitely not suited for textured models I think, only for "blank" models that only have outlines.

  2. Thanks for the reply, I'll try ti find this kind of paper.

    Thanks for yours Legos papercrafts. ^^

  3. can you share the template for building it?

    1. Sure! ;o) This papercraft LEGO light saber is part of my papercraft Luke minifig, you can find the parts on my papercraft webpage:

      There's a blank version of the hilt on sheet 12 of the template, and I also made a separate, light grey version. The blank version is just the outlines, so you can print it on coloured cardstock (or metallic cardstock, but it's quite thick and difficult to print on!)

      Sheet 13 has the light saber blade, there are special plastic transparancy sheets that you can print on to get a semi-transparant light saber blade, but they're pretty expensive and difficult to glue (because it's plastic of course ;o)

      Alternatively, you can also trace the parts on a regular coloured plastic transparancy, or just print it on a regular sheet of cardstock of course. Have fun!


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