Friday, July 19, 2013

Tons (literally!) of neat papercraft models by 3M Scotch!

3M Scotch made tons of cute little animals, vehicles and other neat little papercraft models for the summer! You'll have to navigate the Flash tool to get to the PDF files, but don't worry, it's really easy:

First, click on of the *many* paper models among the scrolling previews at the bottom, and then
click on the green "つくる" button to load the download page:

Once you're on the download page, simply click the template preview or the green "てんかい図をプリントする" button at the top for the PDF parts file:

And that's it! ;o)

Download + build tons of neat little papercraft models (by 3M Scotch):


  1. Thank You for the link.
    It seems that they change the available models from time to time, so it is worth to revisit the page sometimes. Each model has a number, but some models are never shown. Is that only with my computer? Has anybody seen all the models?
    Thank You.

    1. I'm glad you like the papercraft toys from 3M Scotch! ;o)

      The models that scroll by at the bottom of the screen do seem to be randomized, but I don't know if they only show part of the models they have to offer, or all of them if you wait long enough.

      Some other Japanese sites that I visited with Google Translate, say there are 300 different models in total, but that they will only be available during the summer, until August 31st...!

      The bar next to the green button on the first screen of the 3M Scotch papercraft site is of course a search bar, but since it's a Japanese website, you need to know Japanese and have a Japanese computer keyboard, or use a little trick:

      Google Translate can translate English words (or from another language of course) into Japanese characters, that you can then select and then copy+paste into the search bar on the 3M Scotch website! ;o)

      For instance, if you're looking for a papercraft fore truck, translate it with Google Translate, and copy + paste the result ( 消防車 ) into the search bar and click the green button! ;o) Try it with 飛行機 for a simple airplane for example, or 家 for a simple house, or anything you can think of! ;o)

      Of course sometimes you're looking for something they simply don't have, but sometimes you can find a neat model that you didn't see come by yet in the random scroll. ;o)

      Have fun!

  2. Hello,

    today some new models arrived.

    1. So they do change the models from time to time? With so many different ones, I can't really be sure but I think you're right, there do seem to be a few that I can't remember seeing before! ;o)


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