Friday, July 26, 2013

Get the most out of the 3M Scotch papercraft toy website! (300 different ones! ;o)

Okay, so there aren't literally tons of papercraft toys on the neat little 3M Scotch papercraft toys website that I came across last week, but there are a lot! ;o)

300 different ones to be exact, according to some other Japanese sites that I visited that also found it, and they also say that the 3M Scotch papercraft toys will only be available from July 19th - August 31st...!

The paper models that scroll by at the bottom of the screen on the 3M Scotch website seem to be randomized, so there's really no telling which papercraft toy you'll see coming by, but luckily, the bar next to the green button is of course a search bar! ;o)

Since it's a Japanese website though, you need to know Japanese and have a Japanese computer keyboard to use it - or you can use a little trick:

Use a website like Google Translate to translate the English (or whatever language of course ;o) word of the papercraft toy you're looking for into Japanese:

(make sure your internet browser settings support Asian/Japanese characters!)
Then go to the 3M Scotch papercraft toys website and copy+paste the Japanese characters into the search bar:

For instance, if you copy+paste the Japanese text 消防車 into the search bar, you will get a neat little paper toy "fire truck"! ;o)

Try it with 飛行機 for a simple airplane, or 家 for a simple house, or whatever kind of papercraft toy you can think of! ;o)

Of course sometimes you're looking for something they simply don't have, but sometimes you can find a neat model that you didn't see come by yet in the random scroll this way. Go try it out! ;o)
Have fun! (again ;o)


  1. Thanks for the explanation, some nice models there but a really annoying interface.
    And thanks for the warning, I'll download as many of the models as I can.

    1. Haha, well it's only a bit tricky for us who don't speak Japanese of course. ;o)

      Google Translate doesn't translate Flash tools, but I used it on other websites that were talking about the 3M Scotch site, and they said it would only last until August 19th...

      So yeah, if there are any papercraft toys from the site that you really want, it's best to save them before that date! I always save the picture too as sort of instructions, so I know what it should look like when it's done; you can find it if you click the middle one of the three green buttons (that says "かんせい図を見る") on the template page underneath the template preview image itself.

    2. (I mean they're available until August 31st of course... ;o)

  2. I downloaded the thumbs with downthemall, but they seem to be always the same, I only counted 245 thumbs. I put these thumbs in another download manager, replaced them with pdf extension and managed to download them all.

    I put them in an archive, hope it's alright to put the download links here:!fdckGCCZ!SWLFpUmals5G9XxjJnmxzQC7qgh6NEY2JXug_i5GcKk


    1. Thank you so much. I tried a lot but couldn't manage it.


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