Wednesday, August 28, 2013

On This Day (2012): papercraft LEGO Castle Black Knight minifig!

Last year, I made this papercraft LEGO Castle Black Knight minifig!

It has a lot of cool parts, like the helmet visor, the dragon-shaped feathers, the shield with a cool dragon motif; in fact it's the paper minifig with the most parts so far! ;o)

Now, I even made an "Instructable" about it; the Instructables website is really about a lot of different things, but you can find some neat papercraft models there too: link! ;o)
The parts and instructions for the Black Knight minifig and all my other papercraft models are still on my papercraft webpage though of course:
See the release video of my papercraft LEGO Black Knight minifig here: link

Have fun building!

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