Thursday, August 8, 2013

Customize, print and build your own papercraft toy car

Apps / tools that let you customize your own, simple papercraft toy to download, print and build are a lot of fun, you can find many free ones online already (link) and here's a new one! ;o)

On the website of "Meu Pai, Minha Energia" you can customize your own simple papercraft toy car in a few simple steps:

1: Choose the types of wheels -> then click the "próximo" button

2: Choose the type and colour of body -> then click the "próximo" button

3:Choose if you want to have some more decorations -> then click the "próximo" button

4: Customize the driver with hairstyle, colour etc. -> then click the "próximo" button

5: Type a text message -> then click the "finalizar" button

6: Now you can post an e-card of your paper toy on Facebook ("compartilhar no facebook") or send it by e-mail to a friend ("enviar por e-mail") or open a PDF file of your customized paper toy to download/print ("imprimir paper toy")!

Here's the link to customize, download and build your own papercraft toy car:
Have fun! ;o)

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