Friday, January 24, 2014

Papercraft chibi Kancolle Error Musume with cat

"Error Musume" seems to be a typical, chibi Japanese mascot, telling you something is wrong in your Kancolle (Kantai Collection) game...?

Download + build your own papercraft chibi Kancolle Error Musume (by Ville Waraty):

(copy+paste the "axfc" link to your browser's adress bar, then click the grey "[ 3085671.zipをダウンロードします。 ]" button, then the "<ダウンロードする | click here to start download. >" link, and then wait a few moments until the download starts or click the "こちら" link to start it manually; you'll need the free Pepakura Viewer to open *.pdo files!)

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