Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Japan Open RoboCup 2014 papercraft mascots

The "RoboCup" best known to the public is the soccer event in which the challenge for teams from all over the world is "to build a team of humanoid soccer playing robots that will be able to win a match against the winning team of the human World Cup Football by the year 2050!"

In 2014, the official World RoboCup will be in João Pessoa, Brazil (July 19 - 25) but I don't think the robots will be ready to take on the winner of the human FIFA Word Cup (also in Brazil this year from June 12 - July 13) just yet... ;o)

But there are also "RoboCups" in other fields, as shown on the Japan Open RoboCup 2014 (from May 4 - 6) for instance, where there are competitions in Soccer, but also in Rescue and Home improvement - and  of course it wouldn't be Japan if they didn't have a cute mascot for each event! ;o)

Download + build your own Japan Open RoboCup 2014 papercraft mascots (by Japan Open RoboCup 2014):

(download instructions: on the Japan Open RoboCup 2014 page , scroll down and click the three pictures of the papercraft toys)

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