Monday, April 28, 2014

Papercraft Star Wars battle droid

From the same person that made Nico from the "Rio 2" movie, here's a papercraft Star Wars battle droid! (or as many as you want actually of course; I guess that's why they're so expendable ;o)

Download + build your own papercraft Star Wars battle droid + blaster rifle (+more, by blackfoldworkshop):
(download instructions: click the "Show more" link underneath the description on blackfoldworkshop's YouTube page, and then the "" links)


  1. can't thank you enough for nothing.

    1. Apparantly, the creator of the papercraft model found that the old file was missing some parts, but 2 days after featuring the model here on my papercraft weblog, blackfoldworkshop added a new video with a correct file. I updated the link to new video here on my weblog now too.

      If you're having trouble with the model, try contacting blackfoldworkshop directly through his Youtube or Google+ page, another Star Wars fan made blackfoldworkshop's battle droid from the updated file it seems and it looks pretty cool:! ;o)


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