Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Help expand the Papercraft Wiki

This Papercraft Wiki is a project started by Nintendo Papercraft to help people "learn all the secrets about mastering papercraft!" ;o)

And what's more, just like a regular wiki, this Papercraft Wiki can be altered, expanded and improved by anyone! (see the DokuWiki manual here; click the "Edit this page" pencil icon in the toolbar on the right side of any screen on the Papercraft Wiki, but do try to keep the original style as much as possible of course!)

The Papercraft Wiki was started in English, but the aim is to make the information available in different languages too (choose the language code from the little pull-down menu on the left on the Papercraft Wiki). I was asked to translate the basic info there is now into Dutch, but since wikis are all about collaboration, everbody can join in! Not just to make new translations in other languages or to improve the existing translations, but also by adding new information and papercrafting tips from your own experience!
Have fun!

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