Friday, January 2, 2015

Detailed papercraft 2014 Epson Honda NSX concept-GT race car

Epson made a papercraft 2014 Epson Honda NSX concept-GT race car for their fans earlier, but Kousaka Kyousuke told me that now they also made a detailed version for those who like a challenge! ;o)

Download + build your own detailed papercraft 2014 Epson Honda NSX concept-GT race car (+lots more, by Epson Nakajima Racing):


  1. Why can't other modelers understand that some of us only speak and speak English? At 68 yrs. of age I'm too old to think about learning another langue. It’s everything I can do to get along with English. So I say good by to yet another modeler. wc

    1. It's true, a lot of the free papercraft models that I find online are from Japanese or other Asian websites... Looking at it from their side, I think many of the creators simply don't know English well enough to make their website or paper models in English...?

      Big companies like Epson could have their websites professionally translated, but often (maybe they think it's not worth it...?) they don't... :o(

      I don't speak Japanese or other Asian languages either though, so I normally use to translate the websites (you can copy+paste the web adress URL into the translate box, choose Japanese (or another language of course) to English from the boxes and usually it does a good enough job to understand what the website is about.

      On professional websites, the download buttons are usually easy to recognize (on the Epson page for this model, they're the two big orange buttons underneath the pictures) but on the websites of hobbyists, it's not always that clear unfortunately, and then it's often a bit of trial and error to find the right link...

      If there are instructions, they will often be in the form of pictures or schematics, so people that don't know the language can usually build the model, although it probably will be a bit more difficult...

      That being said, I think papercraft should be fun, and having trouble with a paper model because of the language is not fun...

      I hope you won't give up papercraft completely though, and that you'll find some good models to build with clear templates and instructions in English! ;o)


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