Saturday, January 17, 2015

Papercraft "Automata" movie Pilgrim 7000 robot

Where does Uhu02 find the time to make all those paper models so quickly one after the other lately? ;o) Here's his newest one, the Pilgrim 7000 robot (in upright or squatting position) from the 2014 movie "Automata"!

Download + build your own papercraft "Automata" Pilgrim 7000 robot (+lots more, by Uhu02):
(NOTE: Uhu02's papercraft models are usually only available as public download for a limited time only, so if you like it, download it now you can...!)


  1. how do i contact Uhu02...whats his email??

    1. Uhu02 doesn't advertise his e-mail adress all over the place, so I'll respect that and I won't do so either, but you can find it at the very top of the "about" page on his website, which is here:
      (it's the very first link at the very top next to "メールアドレス:" in the bit where it says "Japan" and his date of birth)


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