Monday, August 3, 2015

Cardboard Warriors Papercuts Awards 2015 contest

If you like the Cardboard Warriors Forum Hoards and the wonderful creations by people like One Monk, you might like the Papercuts Awards 2015 contest! ;o)

It's a contest about paper models and paper miniatures used in tabletop roleplaying games, and really everybody that wants to can enter, for a chance to win one of the gift certificates from (a digital download marketplace for several publishing areas like roleplaying games, comic books, and sports training resources) ranging from $5 to $50! (and just for fun, of course ;o)
 Most categories are for designers, which you can enter if you've made an original papercraft 2D figurine or 3D tabletop RPG model, but you can also enter as a builder, showcasing how you use paper models in your tabletop games! ;o)

If you want to enter in one of the categories for a chance to win a gift certificate, be sure to read the full rules at the Cardboard Warriors forum, and join so you can post your entry in one of the contest forum boards:
(tip: have a look at the entries from previous years for inspiration! ;o) The deadline for submitting your entry is Tuesday September 1st 2015, so don't wait to long to get started! ;o)

Good luck and have fun!

You can now see the voting results in the different categories here:


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