Sunday, August 9, 2015

build my Tomb Raider dinosaurs to earn Aspidetr Raider Points is a big Tomb Raider fansite with a large community, and since 2008, they've been holding a fun "summer adventure" game for Tomb Raider fans in which you play through special levels made by fans in the Level Editor and earn Raider Points by doing special challenges.

This year (because Jurassic World is playing in movie theaters and Lara has always had a thing for dinosaurs) the theme is "The Lost World", and one of the special challenges is to build one of three of my Tomb Raider dinosaur papercrafts! ;o)

Have a look at one of the weekly level challenges, from when Lara visisted Isla Sorna:

There should *always* be a T-Rex
in any Tomb Raider game...!!

New: terror from above.


Whole new breeds of dinosaurs.'s summer game already started July 17th (this week they're playing stage 4 already) and will end in September, but you can enter at any time or play only part of the levels (although you won't be able to earn as much points on your Player Profile that way of course).

The full rules (in Italian!) can be read on the's forums:

and if you want to build one of my papercraft Tomb Raider dinosaurs (and lots more!) for the game (or just fun ;o) you can download the parts and instructions from my papercraft webpage here:

Have fun! ;o)

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