Monday, February 8, 2016

Papercraft "LIINO" ("LEGO Indy In Name Only") WIP 2

Like I said last time, my original LEGO "Indiana Jones" minifig was not exactly like the real one. For one thing, instead of a satchel, he had a backpack.

The backpack was from the Imperial Soldiers from the LEGO Pirates theme:

But it suited the tiny adventurer well, I felt. ;o) For a tiny LEGO minifig accessory, the backpack actually has a lot of details and ridges, making it pretty tough to put together as a papercraft, even if you do make it so much bigger.

That's why like for all my papercrafts, I tried to break up the complex, whole shape into separate, simpler pieces.

It takes a lot of planning (imagining how you would unfold the 3D pieces into flat, 2D papercraft parts, and then imagining how you would fold them, glue the separate pieces and then the whole backpack together, without being able to actually see or touch the pieces...) but that way, I hope it will be easier to put together in papercraft form later on.

Stay tuned to find out if I succeed! ;o)

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