Saturday, April 30, 2016

Cute Metal Gear Rex papercraft toy

Maybe even more iconic for the Metal Gear Solid series than Snake himself, is Metal Gear Rex! ;o)

At a game convention 2003, to promote the upcoming Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater video game, they would hand out a really cool and pretty detailed Metal Gear Rex papercraft! (I imagine they ran out pretty quickly...)

...but what were those brown pieces for on the sheets?? They were actually for building a second, "classified mech for MGS3"! ;o) (which turned out to be Shagohod)

The papercraft Metal Gear Rex and the "classified mech" Shagohod
you could build with the promotional kit from the convention ;o)
But back then of course, the fans didn't know what the new mech looked like yet, so there no instructions were included, to keep it a secret; if you wanted to know, you had to build it (even if Shagohod was changed a bit in the final game ;o)

Now this simpler version from Cubefold doesn't have a "secret Shagohod" (it just made me remember the story ;o) but it looks a lot cuter! (well you know, taking into account that in the ned it's still a machine of war of course...)

Download + build your own Metal Gear Rex papercraft toy (+lots more, by CubeFold):

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