Sunday, January 12, 2020

First papercraft release of 2020! Free Tomb Raider PlayStation 2 The Angel of Darkness Save icon Lara.

...and the first papercraft release of 2020 is a fact! 😀

This was fun to make, because well, it's a new Tomb Raider vignette and those are really turning into a nice series 😉 but also because I think it's a Lara that not all people get to see, since she only lives on the PlayStation 2 Memory Card of people that played the PS2 version of The Angel of Darkness.

That's also why I kept this vignette quite minimalistic, with just Lara and a PlayStation 2 style base. The next papercraft Tomb Raider vignettes that I have planned are a bit more elaborate again, but they'll have to wait a while, because I want to do other papercrafts as well of course... But for now, I hope you enjoy my first papercraft of the New Year, have fun building!

Download free Tomb Raider AoD Save icon Lara papercraft:

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