Saturday, February 21, 2009

I just *had* to fix the leg straps... ;o)

What can I say? ;o) Sometimes I can really be annoyed by a mere detail, but I just wasn't happy with the small straps around Cloud's lower legs.

Earlier, I changed the textures so that I wouldn't have to make the straps as seperate parts anymore (so that the legs would be easier to unfold/build later on) but the straps ended up kinda horizontal at the front.

Texture editing (and making it look okay) is very tedious and requires a lot of changing, checking, changing, checking... and a lot of time because of that.

But I decided even though it's only a small part of the whole paper model, making the straps X-shaped would look so much better, that it would be worth the extra time spent.

And even though I'm a little biased of course, I must say that I like it better already. ;o)


  1. The strap looks awesome. Keep up the awesome work you do. :)

  2. It was worth the work! I had misgivings about the others, but these ones look awesome!

  3. I totally agree, it was very fiddly changing the textures to get them just right, but at least now it doesn't annoy me anymore. ;o)

  4. The straps realy look better now. I hould like to know if you'r gonna release the model with "high resolution textures" (you know, when finished, hane no pixels :3)

    thank you and i realy apreciate your work!

  5. I'll probably use the same texture resolution as I did for Kurt Zisa.

  6. I'm glad you pay so much attention to the details! Straps look really better now! :D Have you decided about the cape, btw?

    PS: as, you played KH I'm going to ask you a lil' thing: is it important to win all the matches at the coliseum in order to finish the game? I just can't beat Hercules... ;__;

  7. I have some ideas for the cape, but I'll have to see which works best until I decide of course.

    As for the Coliseum matches: you only need to go through the preliminary matches (first time you visit the Coliseum) and you don't even have to win against Cloud. ;o) You do have to beat Cerberus, but that's all. All the other matches are just to hone your skills, get special items and abilities and gain extra experience.

    (if you're stuck at a certain point, there's no shame in checking a walkthrough like on for tips ;o)

  8. Thanks for the tips! Yeah, I check gamefaqs when I'm stuck, and it says I have to throw barrels at Hercules in order to make it vulnerable... It's just that I suck at doing it! :P

    Btw, looking forward to the next update! :D


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