Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Cloud back on track

The most time consuming part of making a papercraft model, is trying out how something will look, and then deciding you're not completely happy with it...

I'll probably be at that point during the whole process, I'm always trying to find a better balance between the "looks" of a papercraft model, and how easy it is to assemble.

This usually means getting rid of *a lot* of the details of the game model, and re-making it a lot simpler.

A good texture (and Kingdom Hearts has those ;o) can compensate for a lot of this, but finding just the right balance is probably the most difficult (and definately the most time consuming) part, I think.


  1. Yess!
    Updates! :D

    I know that models need simplification, though... I don't really like the simplified leg... I prefer how his right leg (left looking from viewer's perspective) looks! Don't simplify it that much, pleeeeaze... :D

  2. True, like I said, finding a good balance between "looks" and "easiness" is a continuous process. I also like the folds and wrinkles on the right leg, but obviously it's a bit more work to build and requires a lot more folding. ;o)

    But even more: if you make several valley and mountain folds after one another, it can start acting like a harmonica if you're not careful, so the leg won't be stiff enough, and Cloud will suddenly have shorter legs in the final paper model. ;o)

    But I don't think I'll leave the left leg as it is now (it's just a first, crude re-modelling to get the basic shape right ;o) I'll probably give it a few wrinkles like the right leg after I worked out a good way to do so.


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