Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Kurt (not Russell) papercraft model

The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated. I'm still here. ;o)

There weren't too many updates on my Cloud model the last two weeks, because I've been busy with everyday's stuff and well... test building Kurt.

I already did all the work on the 3D model over a year ago, before the "Great Computer Failure" of january 2008... So I was pretty happy I found it again. ;o)

In a year's time, one gets new ideas on how to make paper models, so I tweaked the 3D model a little more, but not much. I spent the first week secretly test building the head, body and legs, and last week I basically did one arm a night. ;o)

I'm very happy with how it turned out, it is a lot more balanced than it looks, and it's not insanely big (just 25 cm or so) and yet the parts themselves are of a good size to handle (except the four fangs, they're quite small).

The biggest drawback I guess, is that it has a whopping 155 parts: but what'd you expect with 6 arms with 11 parts each? ;o)

Have fun building!


  1. wow that was unexpected a paperkraft of that size just like kaploosh it there ... I like it it looks really nice

  2. Haha, yeah that was the idea. ;o) I used to keep all my projects a secret until the release, before I made this weblog.

    Some people liked the surprise, some people wanted to see the WIP to see how I made them. So sometimes I'll show them, and sometimes I'll surprise them. ;o)

  3. can I protect my 9 zelda papercrafts from the time becoming?I think a specialist spray...what's your advice?

  4. I don't use any special methods to protect my models, so I have no experience with any special sprays or anything like that...

    I've heard of people using glaze to protect their work (the stuff they use on paintings). I would just go a hobby/craft's store or something like that and ask the people there. Glaze seems to work for most people, but I wouldn't spray on too much and I would test on an "expendable" model first. ;o)

    I hope you find a spray that works, good luck and have fun!

  5. "I used to keep all my projects a secret until the release, before I made this weblog."

    But now you get to torture everyone. Isn't that more fun? ;)

  6. Usually it's me getting tortured, because I feel like I have to hurry to not keep you guys waiting too long... ;o)


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