Sunday, January 25, 2009

Cloud's Buster sword

Sorry for the serious lack of updates, but I haven't had the time to do anything really worth showing yet I think.

Basically all I had time for this week was cleaning up Cloud's Buster sword, and that was only because it only really needed a minimum amount of cleaning anway. ;o)

All I did was make a new, stronger (I hope ;o) connection between the grip and the guard, and I was thinking about making the two holes at the base just part of the texture, but maybe the parts will turn out big enough to make them real holes (but I'll test build that and decided then, it'd be easy enough to change).

Stay tuned for more (interesting) updates! ;o)


  1. A little update is better than none! :D
    I so would like to build this one when it's finished, but I'm so submerged with new paperpokes models! *wants it anyway*

  2. some time you should make just a HUGE buster sword papercraft just like this one except super high def but not life size

  3. Meh, I will try do get some more work done next weekend (but I say that every weekend, *sigh*... ;o)

    I'm not sure what you mean exactly by "super high def but not life sized", but I like to make my models desktop size, not like "props" to play with.

    Well, except the NES Zapper, but yeah, the whole *reason* to make it was to make it 1:1 haha! ;o)

  4. I mean you don't have to make it you could just send the original model through pepekuraka and size it to 2-3 feet big and give the download link... a model that size wouldn't need to be edited for build ability ... it would just be cool to have one... :)


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