Saturday, February 28, 2009

Weekend Cloud work

Weekend again! I remodelled the cloak to be a seperate part that you can glue onto/over the body after building it. I think it will be much easier that way.

Sometimes I just leave the backside of parts white even if they show, but on this model I think I'll just use the same method on the cloak as I did on the optional Ganon robe: making the (inverted) inside out of regular paper instead of cardstock and then glue the in- and outside together.

That way there's no need to worry about aligning the front- and backside for printing... ;o)

I also did some work on the hip guard and belts, and as you can see I started on the head, but I still have to remodel the hair so it won't be unnecessarily difficult to build. but I've got ideas for that. ;o)

So, the only real question that remains, is: fingers, or just a thumb? ;o)

(compare the hands of my American McGee's Alice with those of my Kim Possible or Final Fantasy models if you have no idea what I'm talking about ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. Y'd vote for having them both: the detailed ones and the just-the-thumb ones! So we can choose!

  2. i would like know if you will make too cloud's wing
    if you make the wing, it will be optional too?

  3. @Lyrin: I'm not sure, because that would mean extra work (instruction-wise also ;o) so I would rather make one perfect solution!
    But yeah, sometimes there just isn't a perfect solution, so who knows I may end up doing that... ;o)

    @sora243: Basically anything is optional of course, but in this case I really think if you don't make the robe you will miss an important part of the model (especially because the collar is kind of an integrated part of the model).
    Leaving off the wing is much easier to do I think, but I will make it part of the design and let you guys decided for yourselves if it's optional or not. ;o)

  4. Maybe make a poll for simplified or standard 10 fingers. Btw awesome work so far. :D

  5. I've done the poll thing...I ended up making all three options. What it boils down to is what you want to see done.

    However, I vote for the easy thumb-only option


  6. Well, easi*er* thumb only option... ;o)

    Hands are just difficult to make if you want to retain some of the details (oh, just mere "details", like a thumb or fingers ;o)

  7. I really like the fingers separated because it looks more detailed and realistic, but it's also a pain in the butt to put together, at least for me. Whatever you choose it fine, but I would rather make a more detailed hands than just a separate thumb.

  8. I vote for realistic or at least make sure the texture looks REAL nice for the simplified version...


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