Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Romani Ranch mule

Despite all the SLMs (smooth look models) that I've been making (and working on... ;o) recently, I absolutely love the polygonal look of "older" computer games, like the classic Tomb Raiders and the N64 Zeldas.

So I plan to make *lots* more paper models from those games, starting with this Zelda mule from Majora's Mask!
Have fun building!


  1. You're just full of surprises ;)

  2. And we like it that way :D

  3. maybe make a....Goron Link, or a, umm, (if you want another SLM) Zant. I want a zant craft! (he is awesome)

  4. Link's transformations would be very nice to do (Majora's Mask is one of my favorite games ;o)

    I don't think I will do another Twilight Princess right after Zora armor Link, but who knows in the future? ;o)


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