Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Airhead ZaL...

Been working on ZaL's face, simplifying it a whole lot as you can see.

Still some tweaking to do concerning the texture mapping, but I think in the end the paper will allow this simplified form to be shaped quite nicely into a nice head, but we'll see... ;o)


  1. Man, I'm not a fan of the zora tunic, but Link is Link... And now I'm getting excited for this release! I think I'll end up doing it!!!
    By the way, about the leg paddings: why don't you make them 2D and separate from the legs? Like the waist armour for Cloud, I mean. Link's legs seem too skinny now, and maybe applying the paddings on them will "plump them up" a bit! XD
    Still waiting for your version of "green Link", btw, since I'm not interested in having a lifesize green guy in my room! ;P

  2. Well, I saw the armor pieces on ZaL's man-skirt really as a seperate layer, that would only be attached at the top and that in "real life" would move independently from the "man-skirt" itself.

    But I imagined the leg paddings really being strapped tightly against ZaL's thighs, so they would actually move exactly like his black tights, strapped so tight that they would almost become part of the them. Really different from the armor pieces on his man-skirt.

    But hey, who knows? If it doesn't look good on the test build, I might come up with something completely different; it's not finished until it's released! ;o)altogether... ;o)


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