Saturday, May 9, 2009

Flippers round 2

Or rather, more like something close to round 18¾...

I realized the flippers could really be simplified a whole lot to make ZaL much more fun to build, but the heel part was giving me trouble... My first attempt was probably okay, but I didn't really like the overlapping parts. Sometimes the effect works, but my gut feeling told me "not this time"...

So I decided to clear my mind a bit, and I think the new method I came up with will probably look a lot better in paper form (and will probably also be more intuitive to build ;o)

The only difference between 2 and 3, is that the overlapping heel is flat in the second try, and angled in the final model. It's a small detail, but it makes a big difference I think.

Stay tuned for more!


  1. HAHAHAHA... omg... I'm so sorry.. For a moment there I thought it was a midget Link model. Didn't realize it was actually just his feet/flippers that you were showing and not his flippers+leg.

    That was a good laugh before I call it quits for tonight.

    Looks awesome btw, hope you decided on the layered tunic armor.

  2. I only wanted to show the parts I rebuilt so far, I didn't do the legs yet. ;o)

    Unless it proves to be difficult to build (which I don't expect though) the layered version of the man-skirt (ogres are like man-skirts?!) will probably be the one I choose.

  3. LOL glad to see u hard at work! its looking very good so far! and its nice to hear you thinking of us so often! im looking forward to seeing it in paper, although i probably wont build it zora armor link was never one of my favorites. in fact neither of the armors looked very appealing to me. id have liked it better if it was OOT styled color tunics, but ill live.

  4. Honestly though, if I knew how you re-model your... er models, I'd go for that layered look. (if it's not too much trouble to re-model that portion of the build)

    When a paper crafter decides to twist Link's body a bit to give him a slightly different pose, he/she can do so without altering any part of the model to get that effect. (kinda like adding more creativity to a model so to speak)

    Kinda like building Kurt, a different angle on his joints and a completely different arm arrangement can be made.

    But it's your call of course.

  5. I'm also a huge fan of Zelda's "classic look", so expect more of those to come, don't worry! ;o)

    "Posable" models can add a little extra I agree, and it worked on Kurt I think because of his 'toony look: his arms aren't connected perfectly, but close enough to glue on and be very acceptable. ;o)

    But on ZaL's shoulders for example, if you were to rotate his arm, the "perfect" connection would have to change, but the paper won't stretch that far. And unlike Kurt, ZaL wouldn't look good if those connections were just "close enough" I think.

    You might be able to get away with it at his hips, but because the shape will end up oval and not really round, you probably won't be able to "twist" ZaL very much! ;o)


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