Saturday, July 25, 2009

Tomb Raider Chronicles Extreme Depth Suit, have fun building!

I just finished replaying "The Cistern"; Lara needs two Rusty Keys, two Silver Keys and one Gold Key to exit the level.

She should really learn how to pick a lock. Skills like that may come in handy when you're a Tomb Raider.

More importantly:

Have fun building!


  1. awww man! Just when I ran outta yellow ink, you finally released this babe! Awesome work as always!

  2. I guess your Tonberry ate much of it, how's your blue? ;o)

  3. Oh, it's not really because of Tonberry, it's the yellow ink cartridge itself. It's half full compared to all the other ink cartridges so it's the first one to go every single time. Bad decision to go with a HP printer that uses this kind of ink cartridge that's for sure. I managed to print out 4 huge models out of it though, so still good I suppose.


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