Thursday, July 9, 2009

Tomb Raider diorama by Elso

I made some good progress test building the Extreme Depth Suit, but I'll show you tomorrow, because today I want to show you something else!

I got something really cool in my inbox yesterday, a little diorama made by Elso combining some of my Tomb Raider models and some of Sascha's.

You may know Elso from some of his other projects (like a life sized Terminator endoskeleton... ;o) but I never knew he was a Tomb Raider fan!

I have to say it looks really great, and he even explained how he did it in a thread at the Spanish speaking Modelos de Papel forum (although you have to be a member to view the thread...)

Maybe the pictures (there are a lot more in the MDP forum thread...!) will inspire you to do something similar? ;o)

Have fun building!

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