Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Homer and thinking ahead?? (Homer and thinking...??)

Here you can see how I unfolded Homer's pants. Most of it is pretty straightforward, but you can see how I seperated part 5 from part 6 though, while at first glance they could easily be joined together.

But thinking ahead, when I tried to assemble the parts in my head, I thought it would be easier if you could glue on part 5 seperately to finish the backside first, then the strip of part 6 around the top of the pants, and then the "circular" piece of part 6 as the closing top of the pants.

But to be able to do that later on, you have to make this decision now: you need to know already how you want to assemble the paper model, even before you open your 3D model in Pepakura Designer to unfold it.


  1. Are you almost done with Homer?

  2. I finished test building all the parts, and there are some that I really want to change to make them easier to build, particularly on the head.

    After I unfolded those parts again, I'll make the final templates and the final build, taking pictures for the instructions and then making the instructions, so I think Homer should be finished within a week or so.

  3. When you are done with Homer who are you doing next?

  4. To be honest, I have no idea yet. ;o)

  5. Please do Link!


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