Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hunchback Link?

While I was working on another project, my Oni Link caught my eye.

I kinda like the pose he has, I think it could really work on TP Link too; although like this, I would lower the arms a little, and maybe make the stance not *that* wide... ;o)

And make him lean forward a bit less (so he looks less like a hunchback... ;o)

And the Master Sword kinda looks a bit big like this, but overall, it's a nice tense pose that would capture the warrior Link quite nicely!


  1. I liked the simple pose of your Zora Armor Link.

  2. Yea, I think you should make him just simple standing there.

  3. Not sure I really like this pose, I think he would look much better in a simpler pose, say drawing his sword from his back.

  4. I tried to make Oni Link and failed because even though I built it twice neither of them could balance. It would be a shame for me to not be able to build hero's clothes Link for that same reason.

  5. I haven't made a final decision on a pose yet; like I tried to explain, this pose would still need a lot of work before it would look good enough (right now it looks a bit... weird... ;o)

    @17cheese14: you're not the only one having problems with Oni Link's balance, so don't feel bad! ;o)

    If you really can't "adjust" the parts so that it stands by itself, I think the easiest and just the best way to keep him from falling over is to glue him to some sort of stand: you can make it as pretty as you'd like, but a neatly cut piece of cardboard will also suffice quite neatly!

    Make sure the stand is heavy enough though before you glue him down permanently...! ;o)

  6. How about the ssbb pose? It looks nice, it's the same as twillight princess, and if you make it in the same style as zal then it would be simple.

  7. This reminds me of his charge jump special skill in the Twilight princess. :)

    I think another cool pose would be the fight stance:

    Awesome job!
    I will eagerly await more progress. :D

  8. @Emiguin:
    Here's the image link:

    Yours got cut off :(

  9. Yeah, there are just so many poses to choose from...! ;o)

    I'm not sure when I can post some *real* progress, although I'm thinking about the pose already, it might still be while before I actually start working on simplifying him.

    And either way, I have to finish the other project first. ;o)

  10. maybe you could try one of him doing a spin attack. That would be really hrad though, but you could show the swirls in the papercraft. it would be hard, But so cool

  11. hunchback link doesnt appeal to me that much and neither does the zal pose, i think you should just put him in the ssbb pose.

  12. will his hair be like oni link's or ssbm links? coz i like it the way it is in the pic

  13. Oni Link came from the Nintendo64, so his hair is very simplistic compared to this and SSB:M Link's hair.

    SSB:M Link's hair has some small parts and difficult folds though, and I really want to try to make hero clothes Link as simple to build as ZaL, so I think I will try to come up with a new way of making Link's hair, in a "ZaL-kind-of-way".

    I want to try to make it look like in the game, but easy to build in paper . ;o)


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