Friday, February 12, 2010

Mine's bigger than yours

Lulu's Cait Sith doll really is just that: a simple doll with not a lot of small details, so it doesn't need quite as much work as some more complex models to make it buildable.

A lot of times though, some of the changes I make to a 3D model don't really have anything to do with it not being buildable otherwise, but they're just personal preference.

For instance, the ribbon from the Cait Sith doll's cape is made up from 3 different parts, and you can easily imagine simply cutting out all three pieces, and glueing them on top of one another to make the ribbon, so it's perfectly buildable.

But I thought it might look good to keep it even more in style with the low level detail style and create the ribbon out of one piece, and to exaggerate it a bit like you can see in the image above.

This is a very small example of course, but I guess it's my way of saying: look beyond the obvious impossible-to-build problems, and don't ignore to the other parts. ;o)


  1. Yes, soon I'll only need 2 more dolls to begin world domination!

  2. Well the dolls, and lifelong training and experience as a powerful Black Mage... ;o)

  3. Drat. Do you now where I can find a Black Mage training school?
    If you can tell me, I'll spare you...;)

  4. Some kid with a scar on his forehead once told me there's this guy at Hogwarts that teaches the black arts, but it must have been a prank because he told me to go to platform 9 3/4 on the trainstation... (yeah right...)

  5. I'm off to Hogwarts! I want to learn Blizzaga and Fira and Thunder and Confuse...
    Wait, do they teach Final Fantasy Magic at Hogwarts? Oh no, gotta get of this train.Good thing the windows are big enough to jump out. Wheeeee! Ouch, that'll hurt in the morning. Well, there's always learning voodoo...


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