Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Laying out a papercraft template

Personally, I like to position the parts so that they are right next to the edges that they connect to (although that isn't always possible of course... ;o)

You can usually get more parts on one page if you don't do that, but I always think it can offer a lot of help to build the model.

Sometimes I want to give a little extra help, though, so I add little arrows or markings to show which glueing tab should connect to which edge.

If you make sure not to mix up any mountain and valley folds, and know which glueing tab goes where, pre-shaping it to glue it to the rest of the model will be much easier. ;o)

In this particular case, because the Postman's clothes are already white, I decided to give the glueing tabs on those parts a light, blueish colour.

That way it's much easier to see which parts are glueing tabs, and which pieces are actually part of the clothes. ;o)

The part numbers do more than tell you how much parts you have left. They're also there to show you the recommended build order.

For a lot of parts, it doesn't really matter, but sometimes it makes things a lot easier if you build them in a specific order, especially if it means you can still reach inside the model. ;o)

Everybody has their own personal preference on how to lay out the part templates of course, and I think you will find out which you like best easy enough just by playing around with it yourself. ;o)

Have fun!

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