Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Exactly how much mail do the people in Clocktown get every day?!

As you can see, the Clocktown mailbox will be so big, that many of the parts won't even fit on a regular sheet of A4 paper!

The test build of the Postman revealed that he can stand just fine on his own, though, so you won't absolutely have to build the huge mailbox if you don't want to. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. teeny tiny mailbox? and postman? hint hint

  2. and also, how about makin a lineless template? even if the fold lines are small, i'd prefer making a lineless model

  3. Well, the lineless templates stem from the time of Pepakura Designer v1.

    It didn't have an option to change the fold lines to anything except pitch black, which wouldn't look very good on the face of princess Zelda and young Link of course...

    Pepakura Designer v2 though, lets you change the fold lines colours so they almost blend in with the textures when printed. ;o)

  4. will your postman be roughly the same size as xenon's? if not, can you make a letter for him to hold? i know he doesn't run around holding letters in his hand (in his backpack maybe) but i think it would go well

  5. Yeah, Lauren already suggested it earlier, and I think he would look really nice holding a letter in his hand too: so I'm making Anju's letter to Kafei and Kafei's express mail to Mama to go with the model.

    In the new scale, the Postman will be about 24 cm tall; so even though his legs are bent slightly more than in Xenon's version, I think they will practically be the same size.


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