Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Poll results + new poll !

The old poll is still open to new voters, but with over a hundred votes already, I think we can say that most people can balance papercraft with their other activities pretty well (except for maybe the one or two people that seem to papercraft even in their sleep... ;o)

So here's a new poll for you:
What kind of paper do you use for papercrafting?

Don't hesitate to tell us a bit more about your choice in the comments!

Have fun voting!


  1. Okay, maybe I'm a little weird, and a little cheap. I print out the template on regular printer paper, and then laminate the pieces on to the appropriate color construction paper, or other colored paper of various weights. The result is very sturdy, and parts are easy to form. I like this method so much that I doubt if I will ever change how I assemble parer models.

  2. No weirder than the rest of us that like to play with paper! ;o)


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