Saturday, January 8, 2011

LEGO minifigs put their pants on two legs at a time

The basic shape of a LEGO minifig's torso is very simple, with 4 "ribs" inside which fit around the pins of the hips, a hole on each side to connect the arms, and a simple cylinder on top as the neck.

Now that I've come this far, I think before I start working on the rest, I will make the texture for Knoest's shirt first; it'll be a nice break from SketchUp. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. sketchup can sometimes drive you crazy when you sit in front of it for hours, just staring. I remember back those times i worked on Yuna. When i closed my eyes after "work" i still saw faces and sketchup-lines in my head >.<

    The model looks good so far. What are your plans for the arms? In reality they have that snap-connection which will be hard to recreate right?

  2. Haha well it's not just SketchUp, *too* much of anything is never good... ;o)

    I will make the arm connections just like I did the leg connections, with simple pins; a snap-connection would have too much wear and tear to survive very long when done in paper I'm afraid... ;o)


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