Monday, January 31, 2011

Time for some real papercrafting!

Although it takes up a lot of time, it's a lot of fun to make Kapitein Knoest's 3D model in SketchUp! ;o)

But still, I also like to do some actual papercrafting of course!

So when I didn't feel like sitting behind a computer screen again, I started a new Advance Wars unit by hand: the Orange Star Fighter (obviously based on an super deformed McDonell Douglas F-15 Eagle, like many if not all Advance Wars units are based on real-life counterparts ;o)

I don't know when I'll release it (before or after Kapitein Knoest), but here's just so you know I'm not just making SketchUp models now... ;o)


  1. I like you're making a new Advance Wars uniot and a plane too! But I also like your Lego pirate!

  2. I'm glad you do! ;o) I don't know which one I'll finish first (I started the Orange Star Fighter as a side project) but I hope you'll enjoy building them when they're done!


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