Sunday, January 16, 2011

New papercraft webpoll: what got you started papercrafting?

Like it says: what got you started on papercraft? ;o)

What got you started?

How did you get into papercrafting?

I read about it in a magazine.
A friend told me about it.
I read about it on an online forum.
I found out about it by accident when looking for something completely different.

Don't hesititate to tell us a bit more about your choice in the comments after voting!

Concerning the last poll, I think the results speak for themselves! ;o)

With 187 votes, a lot of people like papercraft as a new hobby, but very big and time consuming models are only for the really diehard builders. ;o)

But that's very understandable, I think; most people seem to get drawn into papercraft by making paper models of their favourite game/TV/movie series and so on, so with all their other hobbies, they simply don't have the time to be papercrafting all their spare time! ;o)

Keep on building!


  1. It started with a free set of stencils that came with a magazine of an aircraft carrier. (Pretty damn awesome.)
    It later resurged due to Ninjatoes' King of Red Lion model. :)

  2. In my case I started to make paper toys at a very early age. Which led me into the world of paper, scissors and glue was my mother.

    But in the case of pre-printed models, started with a template that gave me my aunt, who sadly has died: (, when I was 6 years old. These templates were buildings that were mostly old castles. I searched these models for years, but have not found where they sell or where you can download.

    I think in my case is equivalent to option 2.

  3. More magazines should have papercraft bonuses! ;o)

    If there are still any paper model kits sold in stores where I live, 90% of the time they are also of castles and (canal ;o) houses, but I really like the much bigger variety of paper models you can find online!

    My sister once came across a toy store that had Hasbro's/MB's Foldin' Art animals though, and she got me the gorilla and elephant. ;o)

  4. When I was a kid in elementary school, every month there was a schoolastic books order form that came home. Usually there was a punch out papercraft kit you could order and I would get them every month. My favorites were a robot that fired paper discs via rubber band and the BiPlane from "The Littles"

  5. The best we ever got was a colouring page... :o(


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