Tuesday, June 7, 2011

New papercraft project: LEGO M:Tron minifig!

Here it is, the new papercraft project I'll be working on!

It's a LEGO minifig again so for some parts like the arms and legs, I'll only have to change the colours. ;o)

Some parts like the head and the torso require new textures, which I already made as you can see: if you have a lot of nineties LEGO, you'll recognize the LEGO Space M:Tron logo! ;o)

So there are only a few new parts that I'll need to make anew in SketchUp first, namely the space helmet (with (re)movable, transparant visor of course! ;o) and the airtanks.

I'll also start a new papercraft Advance Wars unit as a side project, but more on that later. ;o)

Stay tuned!


  1. interesting, I have wanted to see how it will

  2. Yes, there are not a lot of new parts, but they will be challenging to make I think!

  3. ahh good stuff, I remember years ago when I had the M-tron and Lego space police sets. This one takes me back.

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing the helmet! And eventually building this one... Seeing as I've barely got Knoest's head built, that might take a while. :P

  5. Yeah, with all the licensed LEGO themes nowadays, if you look around all the LEGO fansites, I'm really impressed with the old LEGO themes!

    One of the best things about papercraft as a hobby, is that you never have to rush things.

    Just take your time so you can make it look as good as you want, and you can start a new one whenever you want! ;o)


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