Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Zelda merchandise & fan art book

A fan (yay, I have a fan! ;o) sent me these pictures she found somewhere online.

From what I understand, it's an unofficial (non-Nintendo) book about everything related to The Legend of Zelda, with info about the games, official artwork, merchandise and fan art, covering the years 1986-2007.

And look at what's in this picture:

It's Chokipeta's papercraft Four Swords Link, and some of mine too! ;o)

I don't know if there are any more paper models in the book (the person who sent me the pictures doesn't have the book either) but I guess it's an 'old' book (from somewhere around 2007/2008 I think ;o) already: nowadays, you could fill 10 books with Legend of Zelda related paper models alone!


  1. Yes, I always like these kinds of books too!

    Artbooks and even strategy guides usually have lots of great inspirational pictures and artwork.

    I wish there was a bigger market for it in the Netherlands, so we could also get artbooks and guides for the less popular games without having to buy them from some obscure online shop... ;o)

  2. Thanks to you we now have so many Zelda and videogame papercrafts you are inspiration to so many people!!

  3. Haha well I hope I inspired many people to pick up papercrafting, but the fact that it's just so much fun also has something to do with it of course. ;o)


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