Thursday, June 16, 2011

New webpoll: what kind of papercraft models do you like?

This time, you can select multiple answers (but you can only vote once! ;o)

What kind of papercraft models do you like?

Paper models of...

real animals
collectable/urban papertoys
real space rockets and ships
video games
1:1 scale props (weapons etc.)

Personally, I have a lot of different interests, so I like all kinds of paper models (which is probably why my to do-list is so long... ;o)

The results of last time's papercraft webpoll (did you ever start a papercraft model that you ended up finding too difficult to make?) might surprise a lot of people, I think:
More than three quarters (7,6 out of 10 people) have at least once started a paper model they like, but found too difficult too finish!

That's *a lot*!

Most of them, though (5,6 out of 10 people in total) kept the parts to try again later, maybe when they have more time, or they want to get a little more experience first.

I think still a lot of people are often surprised at themselves when they find out how dedicated and focused they can really be when they sit down and concentrate on building a paper model of their favourite hero.

And even if you don't succeed at first, or if it takes too long right now, you can always keep the parts in a safe place to pick it up again later, or you can print out the parts anew if you found the model online.

I hope the people that didn't save the parts, didn't give up on papercraft completely, though!

There are a lot of paper models out there, so there are sure to be a lot that you *will* find fun to build too! ;o)


  1. I don't think the results are surprising at all. A lot of people give up on a papercraft because too many designers make papercrafts that look nice in the picture but that aren't very well designed. Too much ripping and not enough designing going on.

  2. I think there are definately a lot more papercrafters nowadays than a few years ago, and also definately a lot more very complex models, so maybe it's not *that* surprising, no. ;o)

    A lot of papercrafters are gamers, and a lot of people try to keep the models as close as possible as to the game models I think. And especially with a lot of newer games, that means they will be very complex with a lot details of course! ;o)

  3. But they don't WANT to make them very difficult or very big but they don't know how to fix it!

    Sometimes they just move the trash to one side saying you don't need these parts.... that's because they didn't bother really fixing it.

    And a lot of papercrafts don't even have instructions anymore the PDO file doesn't show you how to build it just what the part looks like if you already know to how to fold it and it's not very clear if there are a lot of tiny parts and there are always a lot of tiny parts with people that also don't bother to make instructions grrrr!!

    It's just lazy not to make good instructions and just say the PDO is the instructions because it doesn't help a lot if you really need it.....

  4. Haha, I think for a lot of papercrafters making instructions is the least favourite part... ;o)

    But although the Pepakura *.pdo file doesn't tell you everything, you can use it to get a good idea of how the parts should go together.

    Follow all the valley- and mountain folds and pre-shape the parts the way you think they should be shaped.

    Then try without glue first to see if you got it right and if it fits together properly and looks like the 3D view in the *.pdo file.

    If you got it right, apply some glue to glue it on, and if it doesn't fit correctly, check the fold lines and the 3D view again to see if you didn't miss anything or if you accidentally folded it the wrong way and I'm sure you will get it, even if it takes a few tries perhaps! ;o)


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